Company Philosophy

Nationwide Network Technologies, Inc. is built on a foundation of customer service and quality. NNT customers are intelligent business people who require quality installation and service in a professional and responsive manor, and to accomplish this with as little expenditure of time and money as possible. NNT works closely with clients to accomplish these goals.

NNT believes that from our commitment to quality and customer service a superior level of customer satisfaction is attained. NNT realizes that customer satisfaction is essential for developing repeat business and "word of mouth" referrals. That leads to the opportunity to grow and provide more business people with the customer service that they require.

Nationwide Network Technologies, Inc. believes in establishing long-term relationships with its customers, vendors, and employees. These relationships are built on honesty, integrity, and mutual respect. These beliefs are immediately evident to our customers, strengthening relationships even further.

Geographic Coverage

Nationwide Network Technologies, Inc. performs work across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. NNT Corporate Headquarters are centrally located in Dallas, Texas.

Legal Compliance

Nationwide Network Technologies, Inc. complies with all Federal, State, County, and Local laws, codes, rules, and regulations applicable to the work performed.

NNT assumes responsibility for compliance with all appropriate codes and regulations pertaining to proper and safe cable installation, or continued use of existing cable plant.

NNT also warrants the System compliance with EIA/TIA Standards, BICSI Installation Practices, as well as Customer Provided Specifications.


Dedicated to Quality Installation and Superior Customer Service